Moros was formed in September 2005 by Flix and bassist Tomu as a hardcore band. After a few line-up changes the band found drummer Philipp.
In January 2006 the new singer Sebi aroused the new style of Moros. His grunts and screams changed the Moros style into death metal.

After a couple more line-up changes the band consists of 3 members: Sebi, Phippo and Staempfe.
2010, after a long and relentless hunt for a new second guitar player, we found in Buruc the perfect man for the 6-stringed shredding machine!
In May 2011, after helping us with a cover version of Motörhead's "Born to raise hell" , Burny became our new lead singer.
In 2013 Burny left the band, because he wanted to dedicade his time to his new Band, Machine Gun Horror. Good Luck!

A couple days later in November 2013 we already found our new vocalist, our good old friend Mighty Mons!
In only 2 months he played his first 4 concerts with Moros and his motivation and dedication was a real kick forward for us all!
We started with the recordings of our debut album in February 2014 and released it on a sold-out Show together with our friends of Tankard in May 2014.

…be prepared for the Lakeside Terrorfrönt!