Disgusting Perversion

Jetzt kommt was aus unserer Region! Die Death Metal Band auf Kaufbeuren wird am Freitag den 15ten Juni auf dem AAARGH zu hören und zu spüren sein!!!
Band Bio:
Disgusting Perversion is a Death Metal band from Kaufbeuren, Bavaria. The music style uses the elements of early death metal.
The foundation stones for the band were laid in 2013 as a solo project by Tobias Ruf.
The first cast consisted of Claus Schubert (guitar), Tobias Ruf (guitar, programmed drums), Klaus Bergmann (bass), Stefan Brun (vocals) and Robin Kohler (drums).
In 2013 they recorded a song for a sampler, which was never released with this lineup.
After the recordings, Stefan Brun and Robin Kohler left the band, as there were disagreements regarding the way the songwriting was done.
Stefan Bauer took over the free vocal position in 2014. Since there was no substitute for the drums, they used a drum computer.