Mental Cruelty

Band 3 von 22
Style: Black Metal/Blackened Deathcore
Herkunftsland: Deutschland

Das nächste Brett das Euch auf dem AAARGH bevor steht ist definitiv auch nichts für die sanften Gemüter!
Die Karlsruher Band Mental Cruelty ist seid 2016 auf den Bühnen unterwegs und haben mittlerweile 4 Alben auf den Markt gebracht. Mit ihrer Wahnsinnsmischung an Melodie, Black, Deathcore und einer Wahnsinns Geschwindigkeit werden sie euch aber sowas von einheizen....!!!

Band Bio:
Founded in 2016, the band played their way through locations in Europe, North America and Germany, and with four releases so far, they made their path into the international metal scene. Working with US Producer Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, The Browning, The Plot in You) on their last Album “A Hill To Die Upon” (2019, Unique Leader Records) they created a well-received and long lasting piece of brutality for their fans.

Fast forward in 2022 their new vocalist Lukas Nicolai joined the ensemble for a new era with demonically vicious pipes. With a new frontman and new upcoming album ”ZWIELICHT” (2023, Century Media; produced by Josh Schroeder) they´re off to new shores. This time combining the best of Deathcore and Black Metal for a match made in heaven. Emotional riffs, heavy “back to the roots” breakdowns and epic orchestral arrangements forming the fundament across genres for this LP.

The guys took clear actions and now fully commit to this new beginning continuing their tireless pace set in their last releases. Risen out of the ashes they cement their name as a permanent instance of the German metal scene and have since been able to keep up with well-known bands of their genres. Their goal is to deliver uncompromising live performances with outstanding vocals and precise instrumental work. Mental Cruelty has created a formative function in social media as well as in the metal community and plans to continue its course.